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JunkYard Wars

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ISTE 2014 brings to you junk yard wars . Come to showcase your talent and creativity and mould the backyard junk into something enviable.

Basically you will have to complete the stated task optimally. Problem statement for other rounds will be disclosed on the spot. FOR ROUND 1 [screening round] :

Participants are required to make a working model/ Structure [with Engineering Application] for the first screening round in 60 minutes on the spot. Examples of allowed materials are as follows: 1.Chartpaper 2.Cardboard 3.popsickles 4.Rubber , rubber band 5.caps 6.CDs 7.Thermocol Ufoam 8.Cloth 9.Strings, threads 10.Wires

Participants can also use other material if needed but not any hydraulic, pneumatic and electric appliances or heavy materials.
The dimension of the structure or working model shall not exceed 35X35X35CM. There shall be no use of any special material specially designed by a machine or ready-made specific materials.
Structure shall be made within 60 minutes with the material brought by the participants. For this first round NO TOOLS WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE ORGANISERS
Participants are suggested to carry cellotape fevicol glue if needed and only those materials which can be assembled without any external mechanical machine (EG. WELDING)
Qualified teams may require geometrybox for preceding rounds.
Some of the examples are: candystick bridge,candystick crossbow ,catapult,

Evaluation criteria for round 1 :
Time taken for assembly Working Mechanism will be given more credits Usage [ bridge for its load carrying capacity Catapult for its Range. etc] Optimization of materials used [ lesser the material used, more the points Scored] Penalties for not following the rules or violating any of the above mentioned constraints Keep yourself connected to webstite and facebook page for schedule and the specific venue of the event.
For any inquiry Kindly Email us on pmody126@gmail.com

Rules : For Participation, teams have to appear for different rounds of The event as a SINGLE ENTITY.
Each team can consist of 4 members.
The organizers reserve all rights to disqualify any team for usage of unfair means.
In case of any discrepancies, decision of the organizers shall be considered final and binding for all.
The teams have to complete the prescribed task in given time and using only the materials provided [excluding the first round].
Each team should be concerned about their task. Do not disturb OR interfere other teams.
You can not Have Any Material which is not provided etc. Papers , tools [excluding the first round].

Participants, find your team id in the following attachment and get the Tentative timings for your round 1.
Click Here For Team Id And Tentative Timings for your Round 1

Event Co-Ordinator

Prof. Megha Karia

Phone no. 9428230312

Email : meghakaria2000@yahoo.com