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Bridge The Gap

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All bridges are unique. Requires special attention and effort in designing it. Show your creativity by designing a unique bridge to join difficult terrain. Don’t forget it should be strong enough to withstand heavy traffic.


1. Maximum No of participant in a group 3.

2. There will be three rounds comprising of different terrain at each level.

3. You will be given fixed number of bamboo sticks.

4. Use them as structural members.

5. Fixed length of the thread will be given.

6. Join structural members using the thread.

7. Design, support system to bridge the given gap.

Wining criteria.

1. System having minimum number of members.

2. System taking maximum load.

Event Co-Ordinator

Mr. Ashish M. Bhanderi.

Civil Engineering Department

Phone no. +91 90990 21825

Email : ashishbhanderi@gmal.com