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Chem-O-Tech is a fun event with an element of chemistry aiming to run a model car using a chemical fuel. Participants will have to make their own model car as per their creativity and innovation. There will be three lengths of the track which will be informed well in advance to all the team members. At the time of the event only one distance among the three will be chosen at random. Teams will then be required to mix their reactants in fuel tank of car in such proportions as to cover the chosen length. The winner will be the one whose car stops almost or closest at the end point.

Car must travel at known distance: 10 meter or 15 meter or 20 meter.


1) No harmful (explosive) chemicals can be used.

2) Participants have to bring their chemicals along with the car.

3) It must run with the chemicals only & not with any other source (viz. Battery etc.).

4) Points will be awarded on the basis of path covered by car in relation to the pre-defined length.

5) Maximum 3 participants allowed / team, for each participants individual form filling is mandatory

6) No size or shape restriction on the model car.

7) Overturning of the car will carry negative marks.

8) The decision of judge / event coordinator will be the final in any dispute.

Event Co-Ordinator

Prof. Darshana T. Bhatti

Phone no. +91- 9722243638

Email : darshana333@yahoo.com