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E Treasure Hunt

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Julius Ceaser, a Roman general, statesman, Consul, and notable author of Latin prose, have user the method of encryption for his private conversation. We are inspired by him and this created this event which will require cryptography skills for participants to complete each and every round.


It’s a team game, you need to play in a team of MAX three players.

Make sure your partners are logically strong, you really goanna need it.

You will be given a blunder card, keep it to clear it.

There will be two knockout rounds and it’s a devil of a job.

Round 1

#4Stage #4Clue #4Place

Round 2

Harder (#6Stage + #6Clue + #6Place = Your Final Treasure)

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Event Co-Ordinator

Prof. Chirag Patel

Phone no. 9712929418

Email : cecrp.vvp@gmail.com