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Picasso is an event that makes one’s long hidden creativity radiate from their piece of art. In this event, the students shall do photography inside the campus based on a theme given to them. Further, a collage is to be designed from the photographs taken. Also, a puzzle is to be solved which may consist of reforming a distorted image, forming the original image from the parts, etc. The collage created by the students will be uploaded on the Facebook page of the event and the participants need to grab maximum number of likes. The participants who qualify the first round (based on collage designed, number of likes obtained and puzzle solved) have to project their ideas and imagination in the most ingenious way possible by creating a visual tour (message-giving video) of the photographs clicked by them. That is, they have to make the allocated theme-related message-giving video from the images clicked. Based on the cinematography (effects & photography), transition of photos, sequencing of photos, audio & video synchronization, text/tag lines used, message conveyed, etc. the winners will be declared. Come, participate in the most creatively and uniquely designed event!


Individual/Group participation with maximum 2 members in a group.

Round 1: Elimination Round

Participants will be given a theme and they are supposed to do photography for 1 hour inside the campus related to that theme. After 1 hour, participants are required to perform following two tasks for which they will be given 45 minutes of time.

i) Prepare a collage

Participants will be provided some more images related to the same theme and they will have to prepare a collage that includes all these pictures (provided by us as well as taken by them) using Picasa/ Adobe Photoshop/ MsPaint/ Illustrator/ Corel Draw/ other related softwares.

ii) Solve a puzzle

Participants will have to solve a provided puzzle (which may isolated parts of image from which they need to form the actual image, or a distorted image which they need to reform, or some images on which they need to perform kind of processing, etc.) Participants who fail to solve the puzzle will be directly eliminated from the first round. Also, participants who fail to include the image provided by us in their collage will be directly eliminated.

The collages made by the participants will be uploaded on the Facebook page of the event, which will be visible to all and participants need to get maximum likes for their respective collage by next day (11/10/2014) 7:30 AM.

Evaluation criteria for qualifying the first round will be:

1) 33% marks for the collage prepared (based on the creativity, photography, message conveyed, innovation, design, theme relevance, etc.)

2) 34% for number of likes

3) 33% for solving the puzzle

Top 50 participants based on the above evaluation will qualify for the 2nd round.

Important Instructions:

1) The collage of participants who fail to solve the puzzle will not be uploaded on facebook.
2) All the participants must have their own CAMERA, USB cable and head phones !!

View Picasso Example

Round 2: Final Round

The qualified participants will be provided with video making software and some audio clips. They need to make the allocated theme based message-giving video from the images clicked by them on the previous day. They may add some text or tags line in the video and furnish it in a way that provides some message to the audience.

They will be provided 2 hours duration to prepare the said.

Results will be declared solely based on the message-giving video prepared. Criteria for evaluation will be: Cinematography (Effects & Photography), transition of photos, sequencing of photos, audio & video synchronization, text/tag lines used, message conveyed, etc.

Event Co-Ordinator

Prof. Radhika Kotecha

mobile: 7698558637