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Julius Ceaser, a Roman general, statesman, Consul, and notable author of Latin prose, have user the method of encryption for his private conversation. We are inspired by him and this created this event which will require cryptography skills for participants to complete each and every round.

Verbal questions on the following topics:

1) General Knowledge

2) Mathematical Reasoning

3) General Awareness

4) Mathematics

5) Engineering

6) Indian Mythology

Rules & Regulations:

1) 10 questions for each quiz contest.

2) 5 groups in each quiz.

3) Maximum 4 participants allowed / team, for each participants individual form filling is mandatory

4) Winning group will proceed for next round.

5) Winning group will not allow changing the members for the next round.

6) All the students of a group remain present throughout the competition.

Event Co-Ordinator


Phone no. 9898024827

Email : urjamankad@gmail.com