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Robo Race

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ROBORACE , " More Speed, More Power, More Energy with Minimum Time". Game Play. The motive is to design a wired/wireless robot being autonomous or manually. Roborace became a common competition among engineering students where they can showcase their technical skills. There is only one way to win theses competition making a very accurate and perfect Robot with innovation.

Selection criteria for ROBORACE Winners

Selection process will be on the basis of:
a) Time taken to complete the track
b) Points achieved by crossing the hurdles
c) Points achieved on the basis of special design of robot.
d) Some questions related to your robot will be asked and points will be given on the basis of that.

General Rules and Regulations for ROBORACE participants:

Maximum 4 participants are allowed per team, for each participant individual form filling is mandatory.
Maximum dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Maximum Weight: 5 kg.
Maximum no. of motors : 4
Battery Parameters:- Max. Voltage : 12 v Max. Current : 5 Amp.
Robot must be wireless with dual frequency control.
If any team or team member violates any of the rules or interrupts other robot’s frequency during competition, whole team will be disqualified on the spot.


Day 1: Round 1:

1) X Teams will be selected from all the participants.
2) Selection will be on the basis of above mentioned criteria

Day 2: Round 2:

1) X Teams will be selected for the final round.
2) Selection will be on the basis of above mentioned criteria

Day 2: Round 3:

1) 1st , 2nd and 3rd winners will be selected on the basis of above mentioned criteria.
2) Results will be declared at 3 p.m. .

Note: (X) Number of selected participants will be based on number of entries.

Event Co-Ordinator

Prof. R V Ramani

Phone no. 7405098983

Email : rvramani2000@yahoo.com